Don’t Even Think About Applying to College Before Reading This

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Hope you had a great Memorial weekend—because things are about to heat up. I’ve been dying here in the San Fernando Valley, where it seems to always be 10 degrees hotter than the other parts of Los Angeles. A couple months ago, I was slapped across the face by sticker shock from my exorbitant electric bill. So, I’ve been trying to wean off the air conditioning. But I just couldn’t handle yesterday, okay?! I caved and blasted that sucker at 72 degrees!

If that’s not a sure sign summer is coming, then I don’t know what is. AP tests are over, and finals are almost done too (if they aren’t already). The birds are chirping, the sky is blue, and you know what else is happening? Yup, you guessed it—college app season for all you rising seniors and your anxious parents.

I know you’re ready for some sweet, sweet freedom. Summer is awesome, but if you want to make the most of it, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on your college applications.

I’ve partnered with Q&A College Admissions to host the College Application Summit, an intensive workshop to get you into your dream college. We cover everything from application strategy to essay development.

For more info, swing on over HERE.

It’s going to be a live, in-person class in Southern California (Arcadia and Agoura Hills), capped at 15 students per workshop to keep things nice and cozy. Don’t you worry, you’ll be getting lots of quality 1-on-1 time from me, as well as from the expert college counselors at Q&A (when was the last time you got real, tangible advice from an ACTUAL former admissions officer from UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pomona, and more?).

Parents, have you been hearing the rumblings lately about college apps? Are you overwhelmed by the process and not sure where to start? Students, what about you? Do you know how to begin writing your college essays and coming up with an effective application strategy? You’ve done all the hard work with all those years at school, but now let me help you get this last step right.

For all the nitty gritty details, head on over HERE.

Oh, by the way, come join me at the FREE “Fireside Talk” event with UCLA’s Director of Admission, Gary Clark (formerly senior associate director of admissions at USC), on June 9th, 2016 at 7 – 8pm. Meet me at Arcadia High School in the multipurpose room. No reservations required; just show up! All are invited. We’re also announcing an exclusive Summit discount and full scholarship at the event, for attendees only.

And that’s all for today, folks! Catch you next time.




Arcadia, CA 6月20-29

(周六、日休息) 更多日期请洽活动官网每期只招收15名学员


经验超过20年的历任招生官、专业教育规划顾问及 常青藤名校校友将提供精辟的策略解说。


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“申请大学家长指南”和 “专题报告:挑选完美的入学论文主题”

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