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Inside the College Decision Room: FREE 2-Hour Seminar

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College apps are overwhelming. Ever wonder why some students stand out, while others fall flat? Join me this Thursday, June 16th, at 7:30pm PST, for a FREE 2-hour live seminar in Arcadia, CA, as I (in partnership with Q&A College Admissions) take you “Inside the Decision Room” and reveal what works, what doesn’t, and why. To get the event address and …

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Ordinary Topics Are the Best College Essay Topics

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You can download a FREE, professionally designed guide of this article HERE. Trust me, it looks a LOT nicer and easier to read, especially with graphics and a sweet table of contents 🙂 “Many a night, I found myself slouched in a black, leather chair, staring at a blank computer screen, wanting to scream or cry. The systematic, flashing cursor of …

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The #1 Question Students Ask

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The number one question I see from students goes like this: “I currently have [score] on the SAT/ACT, but I need to raise it to [higher score] in the next [X months]. Is it possible? Any tips?” I’ll confess, whenever I read that question in the past, I did so with no small bit of irritation. It’s not that I …